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About Robert T Design

The most valuable drafting, design, and construction services we provide is helping our clients separate fantasy from reality.

Designing custom homes and additions to existing houses in a nutshell is what our team has specialized for over 30 years in the GTA and now in SW Ontario. A small design company, Robert T. Design focuses on a wide range of services relating to the design of traditional, modern or trendy single family dwellings. We cater to homeowners who want to invest in their homes.

Think about the mechanics first:

When it comes to renovating, it’s easy to skip the boring stuff such as plumbing and heating and jump straight to the fun interior finishes. This is a mistake we constantly caution against.

Before you start dreaming of granite counter-tops for your new kitchen or hardwood floors for your living room, you need to think about the mechanics of your home; do you need a new heating system? Plumbing? Furnace?

If you create these amazing spaces in your home and they look beautiful but there’s a drafty room, or a cold room, all of the work and effort you put in is not worth it if the room’s not comfortable. It’s important to consider not just upfront costs, but ongoing operating costs.

Pick quality over quantity:

Budget is often the biggest challenge for anyone facing a renovation. If your wish list puts a squeeze on your pocket book, pick the room where you spend the most time. By limiting the renovation to just one room, you’ll have a far greater impact.

Doing a little bit in the basement, a little bit in the kitchen, a little bit in the family room, not one of those rooms will feel done. Spend the money where you live. Think about the function of the space: Consider how a room will function today – and tomorrow.

If you’re going to be there for five years, 10 years or 20 years, it’s important to think about what your function will be down the road. Consider how your room can evolve, such as building storage that will work for your files now but can hide toys later when your family grows.


From first sketches to a final plan

A good design for a house needs to seamlessly incorporate concepts and then translate them into tangible building drawings. We takes care of all logistics by representing a client at every step of the application process, or in parts, depending on the client request for a turnkey package or design services only.

Our clients have lofty expectations and many have reached a point in their lives where personal happiness is no longer something they wait for especially when it comes to their home environment.

Although our overall role is to use our interior design and construction knowledge and abilities to make sure we help you create a living space that meets your needs and wants, the most valuable service we provide is helping our clients separate fantasy from reality.