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Commercial – Retail Construction

Commercial Tenant’s Work

In Ontario, commercial tenant’s work falls into several categories which require professional signing authorities and permits for all construction projects.

For instance, architects for building such as highrises.

Engineer for complex mechanical/electrical systems.

And b.c.i.n. designer designation for small buildings (up to 3 storeys under 600 s.m.) of course, city building permits are required on all construction/renovation projects.

Typically commercial tenant work’s require permit drawings that include the following:

Site Plan

  • Architectural
  • Mechanical Hvac
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Sprinkler System
  • Fire Safety

Obviously Fees For The Above Will Vary Depending On Size And Extent Of The Project.

On Small Tenant’s Work Projects We Have A Minimal Fee Of $3,000.00.

Which Includes Site Visit, Measurements And Drawings As Per Above.

(doesn’t Include City Application Or Permit Fees).

We Guarantee Delivery Within 15 Days After Deposit.

Larger Projects Will Be Quoted On A Case To Case Basis.

Please Contact Us For Complete Details.