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Kitchen Renovations

Renovating Your Kitchen

10 Tips to a Successful Renovation

If any of the finishes or surfaces in your kitchen have moisture damage, visible mold, water stains or blistered or peeled paint, it may be time to renovate.

From improving poor layouts and inadequate lighting, to simply replacing worn out fixtures or cabinetry, kitchen renovations are among the most popular home renovation projects. If you’re thinking about renovating your kitchen, Here’s a variety of questions you may want to ask yourself first to make sure your renovation is a success, including:

  1. How much work and storage space do you need? Is an eating area in the kitchen important to you? What are the traffic patterns like? And does the kitchen meet the needs of everyone in the household, including anyone with special needs?
  2. Are there any existing structural problems in or around the kitchen? Will removing or installing any walls or windows require any special details?
  3. Do the existing fixtures and appliances have years of useful life left? Do you like their style and features, and are they energy efficient? Do you have adequate general and task lighting?
  4. Are your existing cabinets or countertops damaged? Do they no longer suit your needs?
  5. Do any of the finishes or surfaces have moisture damage, visible mold, water stains or blistered or peeled paint? Is any caulking or grout cracked or missing? Has there been condensation on the windows, walls or ceiling?
  6. Are there enough electrical outlets and circuits for current and future needs?
  7. Is your existing plumbing service and water pressure adequate? Do the drains flow quickly? Are there any leaks or evidence of water damage?
  8. Is the room comfortable and easy to heat? Do you have an exhaust fan ducted to the outside, which doesn’t lead to backdrafting of an oil or wood stove, furnace or water heater? Is the air fresh, clean and free of lingering musty smells?
  9. Do your current finishes need to be replaced because of wear or styling? Will your new materials and finishes be durable, low odour and low in chemical emissions?
  10. Finally, are any special skills required that should lead you to consider hiring a professional renovator or subcontractors?